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The generosity of our sponsors and donors is instrumental to successfully promoting the Horn and with your support imagine how much more we can do to inspire all those that play the horn, or just love the sound of the horn!

Become an ANNUAL DONOR to CHA to help support this website, and all the extra Horn activities which we help promote that will happen throughout Canada.

Supporter Levels

Schmid:  $500-$1000
Alexander:  $200-$499
Yamaha:  $50-$199
Dieter-Otto: $10-$49

Donor List

Our deepest thanks to the  individuals who recognize the value of investing in promoting the Horn in Canada
by supporting the Canadian Horn Association.

Alexander:  $200-$499
Carl Williams
Wendy Limbertie


Sticky Notes

  • Twigg Musique

    Thank you to the kind support of

    All your Horn needs located in Montreal and Quebec City

    Horns in stock: Yamaha, Paxman and Alexanders.

    The only Alexander Distributor in Canada

    Twigg Musique