Welcome to our new Canada Horn Association (CHA) website, which is a Canadian organization dedicated to Horn players in Canada.

The purpose of CHA is to support Horn players across Canada being students, amateurs, professionals or just plain lovers of the horn with a central network to connect, educate and share the love for the horn

We are pleased to introduce you to our Canadian Horn Association (CHA)  Executive and Advisory Committee

President – Wendy Limbertie, Toronto

Vice President  -Laurie Matiation, Calgary Philharmonic

Committee Members

Janet Anderson,  Canadian Opera Company

Gary Borton, Regina Symphony

Jim Code, New Brunswick

Nadia Cote , horn instructor at the Montreal Conservatoire

Brian G’froerer, Vancouver

Chris Gongos, Toronto Symphony

Timothy Lockwood , Windsor Symphony

Laura Mercer, Cape Breton

Ron Murphy , Charlottetown,  PEI

Gerald Onciul, Edmonton  Symphony

Barbara Rice, Toronto

James Robertson, Winnipeg Symphony

Lyne Santamaria, Montreal

Arlene Shiplett, Saskatoon Symphony

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